John Goldsby’s books are used by music colleges, conservatories, jazz bass teachers, students and pros worldwide. The Jazz Bass Book is a complete history of the players and techniques used in jazz bass playing. Jazz Bowing Techniques for the Improvising Bassist is the first method book aimed at players studying improvisation with the bow. Bass Notes provides an in-depth look at John’s walking lines, with transcriptions and detailed analysis.

Bass Notes

John Goldsby writes: Bass Notes is a study method for bassists to learn more about walking bass lines. I have transcribed my bass lines from 10 standard jazz compositions exactly the way I played them on the Jamey Aebersold Play-Along Series. A CD is included so you can hear my bass line with the rhythm section (piano and drums) and follow along or play-along with the transcription.

The Jazz Bass Book

The first in-depth look at the wonderful world of jazz bass playing. Designed for bass players and jazz fans alike, The Jazz Bass Book–Technique and Tradition is the first comprehensive reference of its kind. Part player’s manual, part history, and part biography, The Jazz Bass Book looks at all facets of jazz bass, providing expert guidance on technique, practice methods, and jazz theory, and insight into improvisation and overall musicianship.

Jazz Bowing Techniques for the Improvising Bassist

For bassists who want to improve their jazz bowing. Learn from the masters: Paul Chambers, Jimmie Blanton, Eddie Gomez, Slam Stewart and more. Techniques and practice methods to help you swing with the bow.