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I’ll Be Around

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John Goldsby & Billy Test Duo

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Segment, a Goldsby/Test/Dekker collaboration, comes directly from the heart of the legendary WDR Big Band. Recorded in June 2020, as part of the WDR celebration of small group music, the album offers a broad range of big-hearted, focused, joyful music from one of the world’s busiest jazz rhythm sections.

The Innkeeper’s Gun

The Innkeepers Gun captures Goldsby, drummer Jason Tiemann and alto saxophonist Jacob Duncan in the middle of their 2009 European tour, and features jazz originals by Goldsby and Duncan, plus a cover of the hit pop tune “Paparazzi” from Lady Gaga.

The Visit

The duo setting in jazz frames the essence of the music—improvisation, interplay, adaptability and fantasy. Two musicians traveling the roads between accompaniment and solo, lyricism and harmony need to assert their musical will, but be completely flexible—sometimes changing course in a heartbeat.

Live at the Nachbar

The Nachbar, (the German word for “neighbor”), regularly features live jazz, and has become an insider’s tip in the mid-west, known for unpretentious, yet state-of-the-art improvised music. Live at the Nachbar with Jacob Duncan, John Goldsby, and Jason Tiemann remains in the “Best Live Jazz Albums of 2008” category.

Space for the Bass

Space for the Bass explores the versatility and potential of the most grounded instrument in jazz—the acoustic bass—in the open musical environment of duo, trio and quartet performances. This program features old and new friends, who are among the top players on the jazz scene today.