Album Track List:

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Goodbye Porkpie Hat

Coming Down Roses (Billy Test)

Sergio (John Goldsby)

Shadows of Change (Billy Test)

Spinning (Billy Test)

Segment (Charlie Parker)

Blue Dahlia (John Goldsby)

Fall Calls (John Goldsby

The Sequence of Things (John Goldsby)

Digital-only EP bonus tracks:

Cinema Paradiso (Ennio & Andrea Morricone)

Love Is Enough (John Coates)

Carousel (Mulgrew Miller)

Black Forest Blues (Hampton Hawes)


Segment, a Goldsby/Test/Dekker collaboration, comes directly from the heart of the legendary WDR Big Band. Recorded in June 2020, as part of the WDR celebration of small group music, the album offers a broad range of big-hearted, focused, joyful music from one of the world’s busiest jazz rhythm sections. The trio displays an uncanny clairvoyance—the kind only heard in groups who perform together regularly. Sensitive, swinging, and grounded by the many years they’ve spent accompanying members of the international jazz scene, Goldsby/Dekker/Test capture the wonderful, wild pulse of the jazz tradition, while adding innovative touches of color, light, and groove.


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