David Lyttle, Tom Harrison, John Goldsby – “Perpetual Scenario”

Sergio — WDR Big Band (arr. Michael Abene)


After my wife and I visited Salvador, Brazil I wrote this tune in honor of our tour guide there — Sergio, who in addition to being a fun-loving sidekick, also played guitar and sang. Sergio took us around to a lot of local music clubs, treating us to incredible musical experiences and framing our visit with his gracious hospitality. I was experimenting at the time with the long-meter 3/2 groove, and the melody sort of wrote itself—the result was “Sergio,” a tribute to our new friend. Years later, Michael Abene gave us his take on the melody, harmony and 3/2 rhythm, creating an beautiful arrangement—a rich, colorful fully-orchestreated version for big band.” Produced at Studio 4, Funkhaus Cologne in February 2018. Written by John Goldsby and arranged by Michael Abene. Conducted by Ansgar Striepens.



Ray Brown, John Clayton, Christian McBride, John Goldsby, Carmen Bradford – “Two for the Blues” – 1997

“Plant Bassed” by Marshall Gilkes (from the Grammy-nominated album “Köln”)

Marshall Gilkes “Vesper” (Grammy-nominated for Best Instrumental Composition)

Here’s the great trombonist, composer and bandleader Marshall Gilkes, leading the WDR Big Band. His composition “Vesper” is nominated for a Grammy in the category “Best Instrumental Composition.”






Steve Erquiaga, Ed Soph, John Goldsby – “Euzkadi” 1986

Kenny Werner, John Riley, John Goldsby

Kenny Werner, John Riley, John Goldsby – Sligo Jazz 2013

John Goldsby Interview

From the nice folks at multicoolty.com



John Goldsby – Peter Leitch Duo: ‘Solar’ (1992)

Here’s a ‘new’ old video for you. Peter Leitch and I played at William Peterson College back in 1992 for their Jazz Room concert series. I just ran across this cut, our version of “Solar.”



Let It Snow!

Here’s some more holiday cheer from four members of the WDR Big Band, Koeln.

  • Ludwig Nuss – trombone
  • Karolina Strassmayer – alto saxophone
  • Hans Dekker – drums
  • John Goldsby – bass

“Let It Snow” (Sammy Cahn & Julie Styne, arrangement John Goldsby)
ARD Morgen Magazin, Dec. 17 2013