John Goldsby Trio — Billy Test — Hans Dekker

Trio — Billy Test, Hans Dekker, John Goldsby

Solo Bass — “Sweet and Lovely”

Here’s a solo bass version of the great standard “Sweet and Lovely,” recorded during the production of “Jazz Bass Vol 2. — Stretching Out,” an online bass course from

“Squatty Roo” — John Clayton w/ WDR Big Band

John Clayton leads the WDR Big Band in this video . . . check out the two-bass interlude at 6:00!

Knower w/ Bob Mintzer & WDR Big Band – John Goldsby on electric bass

“Killer Joe” — walking bass lesson!

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Geoff Chalmers talks to John Goldsby

Check out John’s new online video bass course, “Building Up,” available exclusively at Discover Double Bass.

In this video, Geoff Chalmers interviews John Goldsby. Here are the main subjects they cover:

00:00 WDR big band.

11:43 Ray Brown.

13:45 NYC.

22:35 John’s bass influences.

27:08 Bowing.

29:25 Jamey Abersold.

38:08 Bass Player magazine.

42:00 Transcription.

46:50 Play-along tracks.

47:45 Gear (bass, amp, pickup, strings).

“Stardust” — solo bass

John about the tune: “One of my big influences on the bass was Oscar Pettiford, who often played “Stardust” as a solo bass feature. The gorgeous melody, composed in 1929 by Hoagy Carmichael, reflects the great tradition of standard songs that were adopted by jazz musicians as vehicles for improvisation. I hope my version pays tribute to the giant of modern bass playing—Oscar Pettiford—and also to the brilliant compositional talents of Hoagy Carmichael.”



Interview with John Goldsby — WDR Big Band “Personal Sounds”

Let’s Call This — bass feature, arr. John Clayton — performed by the WDR Big Band