“Just The Facts” Playalong tracks

Check back here on April 1st for the play-along tracks for my Bass Player Magazine Woodshed column “Just the Facts.”

“Just the Facts” Bass Player Magazine, April, 2018

You probably know more songs than you think. many jazz compositions are melodies written over the harmonies to existing standards. If you can walk a bass line on “I Got Rhythm,” the standard by George Gershwin, you can also play over “Rhythm-a-Ning” [Thelonious Monk], “Oleo” [Sonny Rollins], “Moose the Mooche” [Charlie Parker], and “Lester Leaps In” [Lester Young]. All of these melodies are based on the original chords of “I Got Rhythm” (often called Rhythm changes). A composition based on the harmonic structure of a pre-existing song is called a contrafact.