Flamenco Meets Jazz

I’ll be on tour in November with this incredible group of musicians. Here’s a short clip of our work with

  • Chano Domínguez, Compositions / Piano
  • featuring
  • Daniel Navarro, Dance
  • Blas Córdoba, Vocal
  • Israel “El Piraña” Suárez, Percussion
  • WDR Big Band Cologne
  • Vince Mendoza, Arrangements / Conducting

FlamencoJazz from Jochen Renz on Vimeo.

Video Lesson: Groove Factory, Part 2

I made this video for you to hear and watch the examples from The Groove Factory, Part 2 [Bass Player Magazine, April 2013]. Chime in if you have a comment or question. Enjoy!

Video Lesson: Groove Factory, Part 1 (Bass Player Magazine)

Here are some of the ways that you can practice and develop the exercises found in my recent Woodshed Column (June, 2013 Bass Player Magazine).


“Clockwise” is from the album Space for the Bass, recorded on May 17, 2009 in Cologne, Germany at Topaz Studio.

John Goldsby (bass), Francesco Cafiso (alto), Martin Sasse (piano)

Interview: John Goldsby

Ligeti Split

‘Ligeti Split’ is from the album “The Innkeeper’s Gun” [Bass Lion, 2010] with Jacob Duncan (alto), John Goldsby (bass), and Jason Tiemann (drums). Recorded on Nov. 12, 2009 in the middle of their European tour, the Nachbar Trio (as they are also called), made a day trip to Topaz Studio, Cologne to work with engineer Reinhard Kobialka and document some of their original music. ‘Ligeti Split’ is a free-wheeling melody composed by Jacob Duncan.


Superbass: Two for the Blues (1997)



This is the “complete” version of the “Two for the Blues” performance, recorded live at the Cologne Philharmonic Hall in 1997. The group includes bassists Ray Brown, Christian McBride, John Clayton and John Goldsby, joined by John Riley, performing brushes on a phone book and Carmen Bradford on vocals.